Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Reflextions on the passing of Margaret Lust

Margaret Lust, my mother, passed away May 27, 2016 in Kent Washington. She was 93 years old and lived her life on her own terms. She was born in Yakima WA to Nellie and George W. McLaughlin and lived there or in Moxee WA. She worked in Yakima for her Uncle as a jeweler/watch repairman and other retail sales after graduating from Moxee H.S.. She married John Lust in Feb 1944 while he was in the army after which, they were stationed at Ft. Ord in CA where she worked for the arsenal rebuilding hand guns. She learned to rebuild all the hand guns used by the military up to and including the 50cal Thompson machine guns. She was required to test fire every gun she rebuilt. After the war she and dad moved back to Yakima and they began to raise their family. My brother John was born in Yakima in Jan 1945. In 1949-50 they moved to Ellensburg WA for a year and I was born there. Then back to Yakima until 1954 when a strike at Hanford forced dad to find work elsewhere. In a few days he found work in Bremerton WA and so it was we moved. Mother eventually went work, once I was in school and old enough to be a latch-key-kid, as a watch-repairman, then the head casher at Sears in Bremerton. After Sears she worked a Great Northwest Savings and Loan (which was not a Bank, inside joke) as a cashier in Bremerton. Mother and dad were avid boaters for years and members of BYC. She retired in the early 1980s. For most of her life she made many of her own clothes and she later became an accomplished crafter/artist making miniature dollhouse furnishings and egg art. She is survived by me her son (David Lust), my wife Paige and our children (Ethan and Katie and their spouses Nicole and Jon) and her three great-grandchildren. The following pictures are from her life in no particular order.

Margaret on the left with her bother Jack and sister Eunice with bother George
2015 when cousin Robie visited with her husband and son and all of us.
Wedding Day
Margaret and her brother Jack about 1934
She loved the sun, she and dad spent many summers boating. I had this photo in the top of my toolbox at work for years and every now and then some one would comment about who's that. Well the expression on their faces was priceless when I replied "Oh that's my mother"
I wish I could remember what was so funny!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

52 Starliner (Studebaker) a Project, 2nd post

Fire, ice, oil, wood splinters and a hammer. In the past two week I've been working (spare time) to disassemble the engine. Three of the pistons were well stuck and each seemed to need a new solution. Today the last one gave in.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

52 Starliner (Sudebaker) a Project.

So in the way-back tof our property here is a garage that contains most of my tools and a project. These pictures show the running status of my 1952 Studebaker Commander Starliner to date. There is a lot of rust, missing parts and parts to rebuild. Long way to go.



Friday, June 28, 2013

A new Direction:

Well we have sold the motorhome and bought a house in the Bremerton WA area. Many reasons have brought us back to our hometown. We will miss the travels and the friends we made during our wander. Sadly we lost both of our weener dogs shortly after settling down. So we are adjusting to life without dogs and as first time grandparents. It all seems to be going well.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumkin Chunking 2012

We have flown out east to visit family and took the opportunity to spend a day at the 2012 World Champion competition. Here are a few brief videos:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Guys 10th Southwest Nationals

Spent the day at West World in Scottsdale at the Good Guys Car Show. Sunny day with some high overcast sliding in the afternoon. Didn't take too many pictures this time, but the best in show for me was this very shinny 1936 Ford.
One of six built as a demonstration for what was at the time a new material.

I also had the pleasure of meeting an (Internet) acquaintance from NE who shares my enthusiasm for Studebakers. I was able to examine his 1952 Starliner Hard Top. Here is a picture of the restored dash.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Puyallup Good Guys Car Show 2011

Ventured over to the Puyallup Fair Grounds for the 24th National Pacific Northwest Good Guys Car Show on Saturday July 23, 2011. These picture are in no particular order. I am sure there were cars there that were worth far more than the ones I chose to photograph, but my tastes my own.
I have been a long time Studebaker sympathizer so with out farther explanation this 1950 Studebaker custom makes the cut.
This two tone 1956 Studebaker Champion appeared to be an unrestored original which presented nicely.

Here is a stylish shot of a custom 1960 Edsel convertible, very long, wide and low.

Although not original to this car here is a nice example of the first generation Studebaker V8, a 232 c.i. overhead valve engine which produces 120hp. It is installed in a 1955 Studebaker wagon.

Now this little green 1960 Lark was my favorite. It has only 4000 miles and has had only one new set of tires (just this year); a new battery and carpets were added new this year. Otherwise it is original.

A 1951 Studebaker Starlite coupe custom, speaks for itself.

Here is 1961/62 T-Bird custom with a 1960 Ford Star liner roof, made for lovely lines.

Ah a Jaguar custom low ride, I have seen this around off and on for years, never before have seen it sitting still were I could look it over.

Now I know this one, it is a 1947 Studebaker Business Coupe with a 1950 front end among many other modifications. The paint is actually purple but my camera can't capture it.

A the quintessential Studebaker pickup with a gas powered bicycle in the back.