Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pretty Quiet On The Western Front

We have been busy playing 'catch up'. Catch up with friends and family and catch up with the dentist, the eye doctor.... you get the idea. Unfortunately, the dreadful Northwest Summer to Fall cold caught both of us. Me first and then Dave. It has kind of slowed down on the visiting because we don't want to share. Besides, we are using enough Kleenex between the two of us to keep the company in the black for several years!!!
Dave has recovered enough to visit with the 'Garage Gang' here at Forrest's. I have been doing a little visiting at my favorite local yarn shop and having a blast dyeing fiber and yarn out at Tory's house. This weekend she and Connie and I are going to do a 'hit and run' to Canby, Oregon for Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival..... I am mostly going for the 'friend time' which I just can't get enough of - I have to bank it for the winter you know!!
We've also been able to spend a little time with our daughter Katie and her friend Jon... finally got to meet his family last night- what a great, nice group of people! I am looking forward to getting to know them better, if not this trip then next summer when we will be in the area for most of the season.
There are still a few friends I haven't seen yet and hope to before we head south. The grey wet weather has encouraged Dave to make a plan for the route, and I must admit I am not fond of the cold weather either. It will be a little easier to go when I know we will be back in a few months...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Back Back in the Great Northwest

We arrived in Bremerton on Sunday the 7th to warm and sunny weather after two nice days in Moses Lake WA. Looks like this weather will hold for some time to come, which will be a real treat. We have set up camp in a very exclusive RV park, which for security reasons should remain unnamed. Looking forward to seeing family and friends while we are here.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Always good to be going the right way

We had a 350 mile day today as we wind down on the long ride home (to Kitsap County). We were 23 miles short of tossing out the anchor and pouring cocktails when we came to a halt. CB chatter said there was some kind of a toxic spill ahead. We crawled onward. Anytime you come to a slow down but are still moving even a little, it's a good thing. We get the word that whatever has happend is at mile marker 129 and we are just passing 131 (we're going west on I-90, the numbers are getting smaller). Pretty soon we notice there is no east bound traffic. We speculate that whatever has happened is probably in the eastbound lane and we are caught in the 'lookie-loo' backwash. Next we see 'Road Work Ahead' signs and then 'Left Lane closed ahead' signs. Folks were pretty well behaved, starting right away to migrate to the right lane where we already were. It helped that a couple of BIG TRUCKS a little way back were blocking those who want to run up to the front of the line and then just jam themselves into the front of the line cuz they are way more important than anyone else! Then we could see eastbound traffic starting to dribble our way... then flashing lights in the median.... then the remains of someones' trailer......

the truck had already been towed off. We didn't hear if there were injuries, I hope not. Once past the mess in the median we moved quickly to our destination. The poor folks in the east bound land were backed up for about 7 miles. One car with small kids in it had all the windows open and a really smart mom had broken out the bubbles which were flying out of every window! Some people chose not to wait and crossed the median and returned west...

Any way, we are safe and sound in Missoula, Montana for the night. The train track runs about a half mile or less in front of the rig, Dave can lay on the couch and watch it... he's a happy boy. Tomorrow we cross into Pacific Daylight time and land in Moses Lake for two nights.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Farewell Fireflies

Hello prairie dogs and bison and long horned cattle. And of course, many many many signs for Wall Drug. If you have never been and you are in the neighborhood, you should stop once. You have never seen such a collection of STUFF. I was just over whelmed. We didn't stop this time. We spent the day bouncing and buffeting (it's really windy) across the state on I-90. We've seen acres of grassland, jumbo rolls of hay littered about the fields, miles of sunflowers with their heads tipped over nearly ready for harvest. Lots of Harley riders headed home from Milwaukee; in fact quite a bit of traffic.... diesel was down to $4.01 a gallon this morning-heck, they're nearly giving it away right?

Yesterday we were in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops and it was about 90. Today we are in long pants, shoes, sweatshirts and the mountain time zone. Sort of metaphorically driving into autumn hu?