Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Valley of the Moss is Dying

It is the heat and lack of rain for the past four or five days that may be responsible. The Great Pacific Northwest is in the midst of a heatwave (pushing 90); it may last a couple of more days. Hopefully the moss can hang in just a little longer. Hold a good thought that it will not go on much longer as our moss is the foundation of all that is green here in the PNW.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ocean Shores: Epilogue

Tim, our host, took 2 pounds of excellent hamburger and crafted his version of a single by-pass burger. Each patty was stuffed with brie cheese prior to grilling. Once cooked to perfect medium-rare they were topped with Cheddar cheese. We were then allowed to construct the finished burger to our own tastes. Some light weights choose not eat the whole thing.

Kitty Quinn likes to be on top.

We played double 12 Chickie Dominoes, eat too much, some when shopping and some rode go-carts. There was spinning, napping and did I mention eating. Thanks to Tim and Tory and Tim's folk for the property loan.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Deer, Ocean Shores WA

I went for a walk this morning (4.2 miles) and like yesterday saw several of the local fauna. While riding to the local go-kart track saw a two-point buck in a neighbor's yard too; sorry no picture of that one.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ocean Shores Part Du.

We have slipped out of Bremerton for a few days and are camping with friends in Ocean Shores WA for a few days.
Sunday we took a ride into town and the beach just to blow the stink off.
Tory doesn't care to have her picture taken especially when I am driving.
It has been raining the last couple of days but it is getting better.
Tim is along for the ride, a good sport for sure.
Glad I haven't tried this on the motorcycle.
The girls had a spinning party on the deck.
Tory meets the helping weeners.
The girls, very young and frisky. The weeners want to lick them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

2010BC: Epilogue

Change nothing, except adding a few additional riders to have shared the experience. It was sunny and warm, lava hot, chilly and even a little wet on occasion. We were seldom lost and never in the wrong place. The route took us through every variation of British Columbia's terrain and summer climate. Jasper NP and Banff NP (Alberta CA) exceeded my expectations in every way. Last year we rode the Riding To The Sun Road in Glacier NP (MT) and it was beautiful but the Canadian version of these mountains, valleys are more accessible, easier to experience and go on and on. The traffic moves easily through the parks with many large pull-offs and passing lanes. Kudos to the Canadians for the cleanliness of your highways, litter was virtually non-existent and even the truck tire "road alligator" were nearly extinct, having seen only one during the entire ride in Canada. I can only assume they have more stringent laws governing the quality of truck tires. There were bugs but nearly as many as I had expected. Our riding group has two members who make all possible, Steve who plans the route and Rob who make the reservation. Their efforts were spot on. This one was good enough that it will be worthy of a redo. Thanks to good friends and family who all played a part in making it possible.