Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mending scratches

So back on October 13, 2008 we were hit (and run) in Kingman AZ on our way to Apache Junction. The culprit was caught and his insurance paid off. The plan has been to have the repairs done here in Bremerton, by our friend Forrest, this summer. And so it goes. It has taken most of the summer to get the right weather for painting outside in the Great Pacific Northwest. The first picture is the original damage.
The front end in primer after the surface repairs were completed.

Now with new color and clear applied; waiting to dry.
The paper and tape came off and the lights and hatch are reinstalled; all is as it was before, maybe better.

Being retired, isn't what you might think.

In every RV'ers life it will happen and last light, yes last night it was our turn. The local tire gypsy arrived with just a few hours notice to install six new tires on our home. Arrangements have been under way for a couple of weeks and when the call came it was time to get out of the way. Obviously these two have done this before and if not for a stubborn hubcap on the left rear they would have been done in less than 1 and a half hours (5:50-7:40PM). That is six 295/75X22.5 16ply tires removed, dismounted, mounted and reinstalled all without having to take the coach anywhere and with only one power tool (pneumatic impact wrench). These guys work hard for a living. Thanks to BT Mobil ("Mobull"as it says on the truck) Tire for a job well done.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bead making update

Remember a few posts back I had pictures of me learning to make lampwork beads? WHAT FUN!!!!!! Of couse it comes as no suprise that now I want a torch and all the stuff that goes with bead making. I've used a few of the beads I've made over the summer to make a couple of bracelets that I am proud of. Maybe I can sell bracelets to buy the torch?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tank Art

A few of you who have suffered through my droning on about my plan to repaint the gas tank on my bike may have wondered if it would ever happen. I too wonder the same thing but my family made this wish come true. My friend Scott suggested to them that this was gift they could give which was sure to both surprise and please. The design I had focused on was originally painted on the 1933 Harley-Davidsons. Harley-Davidson's sales had plummeted from 21,000 in 1929 to 3,703 in 1933 and the art-deco "eagle" design was painted on all gas tanks that year as part of the Motor Company’s attempt to revitalize sales. This marked the beginning of a long history of Motor Company graphic designs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The tank art on my tank is now complete and the process was as amazing as the result. A slightly damaged used tank was purchased from EBay and repaired and repainted by my friend Forrest. I adapted the original design to the modern tank shape and Forrest laid the design out and made the magic happen, then we handed the tank off to Doug (the Striper) who applied the gold-leaf, lettering and pin stripes. Back in Forrest’s hands the tank was painted again, this time with clear; once dry it was color sanded, buffed and polished. In every way the result exceeded my vision and expectations. Many thanks to everyone who played a part.
Ready for new paint.
Base black covered and base red applied.
Gold and stripes applied over base coats, awaiting clear coat.
Clear coat applied.
Color sanding the clear coat.
Finished buffing and polishing.

On the bike in the bright sunshine.