Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hyperbolic Reef Project

Way back in December the Hyperbolic Reef Project was brought to my attention at Tempe Yarn and Fiber. Terry and Fred (the owners - ) are always looking at fun stuff for their customers to do and ways to give back to the community. They made it possible for us (the customers) to be a part of this amazing project (

So we got together on Friday nights from January til mid March and brainstormed and crocheted and made a whole bunch of weird and wonderful elements to add to the Coral Reef.

Yesterday I went to see the installation at the Scottsdale Public Library with my friend Jane from here in the park. I wasn't going to go because frankly, after 3 months I was kind of bored with it. I am so glad I went. To see all of the pieces put together.... oh my. So many colors and textures and such talent and imagination! There were lots of pieces that I had thought about but didn't know how to actually produce them. Several people had the same ideas and the talent and know how to make them real.
It is my understanding that the pieces produced here in the Scottsdale area will be a permanent installation in the library. There are many pieces that are a travelling installation and that group has pieces from all over the world. The pictures in this post are of both the local and the traveling show.


Scott said...

Very impressive.

Tempe Yarn and Fiber said...

thanks for the kind words about TYF.

Tory said...

It's so much bigger than I pictured .. Wow, almost isn't enough. Congrats on your contribution!!!