Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being retired, isn't what you might think.

In every RV'ers life it will happen and last light, yes last night it was our turn. The local tire gypsy arrived with just a few hours notice to install six new tires on our home. Arrangements have been under way for a couple of weeks and when the call came it was time to get out of the way. Obviously these two have done this before and if not for a stubborn hubcap on the left rear they would have been done in less than 1 and a half hours (5:50-7:40PM). That is six 295/75X22.5 16ply tires removed, dismounted, mounted and reinstalled all without having to take the coach anywhere and with only one power tool (pneumatic impact wrench). These guys work hard for a living. Thanks to BT Mobil ("Mobull"as it says on the truck) Tire for a job well done.


Scott said...

Glad it went smooth. How's the paint job?

jawbum2 said...

glad you have new tires. we now have two new axles on the trailer