Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bisbee AZ Road Trip

The three amigos made a two day road trip to the deep south of Arizona via Globe, Bylas, Safford, Wilcox and Pirtleville. There was good food in Wilcox at Big Tex BBQ. We stayed overnight in the old town of Bisbee, which was at one time the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco. The Bisbee Grill provided another excellent meal after refreshments in our hotels (Copper Queen) Saloon. Our weather was perfect and the spring rains have brought out the desert flowers everywhere. From Bisbee we traveled through Tombstone, Sierra Vista, Patagonia, Rio Rico, Green Valley, Tucson and Florence. We again found good food in Patagonia at Mercede's Mexican Restaurant.

From the Copper Queen's third floor balcony.

Surprised Scott and Jerry with this shot!

The old mine.

On street parking, did I mention the hotel has no guest parking.

Ample parking in Tombstone. I missed the memo on Black and red shirts so I couldn't be in the shot.

It seems Arizona Public Service (APS) (thanks Bob) had pulled the plug on Tombstone as there was no electrical power, no cooking, cash registers etc. Makes for a slow day. I wonder if ASP knows these people have guns and have in the past used them to to resolve issued of the public good.

Snow capped mountains to the southwest of town.

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Bob said...

Wish I'd have known you were going to Bisbee. I could have introduced you to my brother. But if you stayed at the Copper Queen maybe you saw him hanging around the courtyard with the other HIPPIES smoking ??!!!
PS the power company's name is Arizona PUBLIC Service (APS). Worked for them for 17yrs.