Friday, August 6, 2010

Ocean Shores Part Du.

We have slipped out of Bremerton for a few days and are camping with friends in Ocean Shores WA for a few days.
Sunday we took a ride into town and the beach just to blow the stink off.
Tory doesn't care to have her picture taken especially when I am driving.
It has been raining the last couple of days but it is getting better.
Tim is along for the ride, a good sport for sure.
Glad I haven't tried this on the motorcycle.
The girls had a spinning party on the deck.
Tory meets the helping weeners.
The girls, very young and frisky. The weeners want to lick them.


Jane and John Weichert said...


Scott said...

How can you call it camping when you take your whole house with you?

Paige and Dave said...

Today’s campers have a range of comforts available to them, whether their shelter is a tent or a recreational vehicle. Today, backcountry campers can pack-in comfortable mattresses, compact chairs, and solar powered satellite phones. Those choosing to camp closer to their car ("car camping") with a tent have access to potable hot water, tent interior lighting and fans, and other technological changes to camping gear. For those camping in recreational vehicles (RVs), options include air conditioning, bathrooms, kitchens, showers, and home theatre systems

Scott said...

I'm just glad you got to stay for a while this year.

Tim said...

Hopefully, Dave will post the picture of the cat using his head as a perch!

We had a great time, and Dave and Paige were excellent company :)

Next year we are going to plan something besides drinking and eating!!!!!!!!!!! Or NOT :)