Monday, July 28, 2008

Maine-ly we had a great time!

What started out two years ago to be just Dave and I and our friends from Louisianna meeting in Maine in the summer of 08, grew to unruly and fun proportions. We found a campground, folks made reservations. Our kids juggled their schedules at work and school so they could join us. Hoping against hope, I dangled our frequent flyer miles in front of our daughter (kind of like tying a pork chop around the kids neck so the dog will play with him-her dad and I being the ones with the porkchop around our necks) and was pleasantly suprised when she agreed to join us! I hadn't had both of my kids together in longer than I could remember. And more good news, Katie's new boyfriend Jon agreed to come as well!

We arrived first (Cousin Tami from California slipped in early as well) and the in law's from Long Island arrived the next day. The party started! Our Louisianna friends came in, our son and daughter in law arrived.. We ate lobster, drank wine and martini's, laughed, visited.... it was so great. Wednesday morning Ethan and I drove down to the airport at Portland to pick up Katie and Jon. I think Jon was a little freaked out to meet all of us at once but you'd never know by looking at him. He fit right in to the crazy mob just like he had always been there. We went to Booth Bay Harbor and the lighthouse at Pemequid Point. We got close to the Atlantic Ocean but were so taken with the beauty of the coastline, didn't quite stick our toes in. We went to a small neighboring town and got to 'pet' the lobsters (and then eat them) and watch a beautiful full moon rise over the gorgeous Maine country side.

The final night we had everyone together (I forgot to mention, my brother and sister in law from New Jersey drove up too!) our friend Sid from Louisianna cooked a huge pot of gumbo and we sat out under the awning in the rain and ate and drank and laughed until we couldn't hardly stand it. Everyone but Dave and I and the New Jersey contingent had to leave bright and early the next morning, but it was a great end to a wonderful week.

Any of you who were there who might read this post..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE!!! It was a fabulous time.

Due to a series of bad or no internet connection in Maine and the week following, I feel like I am cramming alot into a short space. I reserve the right to add pictures (as I get them from the others) and thoughts at later dates.


gemini said...

Looks like you've been having a good time! Looking forward to seeing you this fall...I am moving to Poulsbo this weekend! We have to catch up...xoxox

Scott said...

Hey - looks like a good time. Maybe I'll tag along next year when gas is cheaper (yeah right).