Sunday, August 3, 2008


One of the questions people ask most when you tell them you live full time in a motor home is 'what part of the country do you like the best?'

The truth is, for me anyway, I like all of them. We haven't been to a place yet that I couldn't find something to like. Well, maybe not the I-5 corridor of California. We mostly just drive thru there and it is kind of boring and parts are pretty stinky. For the most part, we are in beautiful places. Some times we get to stay long enough to look around. Sometimes we can't stay but put it on our list of places to come back to. We recently stopped for just one night near Lake Erie in the state of New York. As soon as we left the expressway and pulled onto the county road to the campground, I knew I was sorry we couldn't stay. Now you say, 'but you are retired and don't have a schedule, why couldn't you stay?' True, we don't have much of a schedule. We have learned in the past 3 years that even if we don't, the rest of the world still does. There are scheduled events that fill campgrounds. Big holiday weekends (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day being the summer biggies) that fill the campgrounds even earlier. If you are trying to get to a National Monument (like Mt. Rushmore) in the summer time, the campgrounds fill up. See where I'm going with this? So even if we don't have a schedule, the rest of the world might.

If we plan to go see or do something that is at a specific time (The Michigan Fiber Festival) then we have to get there on time. To the Harley Davidson plant in York PA before they shut down part of the tour to re-tool for next year's model.

So, we have been to places we like. Some we would like to go back to. Some we have been back to, and some we enjoyed but don't need to go back to again. We pretty much make our own schedule but have to work around the rest of the worlds'.

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