Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boulder City

We made the long-haul (for us) from Hawthorne NV to BC today in what was good weather for traveling. Temps here are in the 60s which feels very good after four days below freezing. Traffic through Las Vegas was nuts even on a Sunday afternoon with narrow lanes and posted 65mph limits the bulk of the traffic was moving 15-20mph faster. Had a great visit with my Aunt who lives in Henderson this evening too. In the morning we will make the final run for Apache Junction AZ for some RNR.
Gypsy was REALLY glad to see the sun! She doesn't normally ride on the dash but had to get as close as she could to the heat. Once we headed out of the sun, she was down looking for the next hot spot. Tomorrow morning we get to cross Hoover Dam. In spite of the inspection, it is an awesome sight.

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