Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Time Has Come

Well the time has finally arrived to move on for the summer. We stayed longer than usual so I could take a class at Tempe Yarn and Fiber to learn a process called 'Nuno Felting'. The process is long and sometimes tedious but the result is beautiful. I went with the idea that I might make some Christmas gifts.... probably not. I was pleased with the scarf I made but not sure I have the wherewithal to do it again.

When that was over, we were able to slip away to San Diego for a couple of days to see Ethan. He is there overseeing some Mid-Shipmen from the Naval Academy for part of their summer school experience. We didn't get lots of time to visit as he was busy getting people organized but it was fun to watch him work. Mostly for me it's just being there with him and not what we 'do'.

We left the dogs with Grandma Scooter and Herbie in Sun City West. They are now sure they don't want a dog of their own! As for the dogs, they slept all the way back to our side of the valley (an hour at least) and mostly for the next two days!

Dave and Scott went for one last float in the pool. The park management has turned off the heat so it was only warmish. Of course, it's still about 101 degrees outside everyday now.....
So now, we have all of our stuff stuffed back into the motorhome and are mostly ready to take off in the morning. It won't be a long day but it will be good to go north a little where it's not so hot.

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Jane and John Weichert said...

Enjoyed these pictures. Will be waiting to hear more.