Tuesday, June 2, 2009

US-89A Just Possible the Best Motorcycle Ride in AZ

Scott and I headed out this morning riding west on I-40 mostly to Ash Fork AZ and then south on US-89 to Prescott AZ where we turn east on US-89A. US-89A returns to I-17 just south of Flagstaff. In the process it winds up and down through the mountains, passing through Jerome, Cottonwood, and Sedona. Traffic was generally light and the weather was warm enough. Arizona has solved budget shortfalls for road maintenance, they have signs made that warn "Rough Road Next 10 miles". It seems that if you set these up at 10 mile intervals road maintenance is no longer a budget issue. Despite the rough roads the ride was excellent. I wish I had better pictures but I haven't mastered riding and pictures at the same time.


Tory said...

Awesome! Green with envy .. How can I bribe you for a ride? Just around the block even ..

Scott said...

Tory, Dave only gives rides to women over 70 (other than Paige). You'll have to ask for the whole story.