Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weenerbago Ramblings

There used to be a show on NPR called 'The Bryant Park Project'. One of the features of the show was called 'The Bryant Park Ramble'. The 'BPP' had fallen in the face of budget cuts and I kind of miss it. As I ride along in the passenger seat of the motor home, I think of stuff that could qualify as 'ramblings' so here we go.
We came west this morning thru Washington's Wine country. There were lots of vineyards. There were orchards. I suspected that some of the trees were cherry trees cuz it's that time of year. I was sure some of them were apple orchards cuz that's one of the things Washington State is (or at least used to be) famous for. There were fields of stuff growing. The corn is easy even when it's just little. Onions are pretty easy too. At 50+ miles an hour, sometimes it's tough to tell. Some fields are labeled. I love that! I think all fields should be labeled. I know farmers have better things to do than go out and post signs saying what's growing, but it makes for more entertaining passing by.
Some places in the midwest, we drive thru the 'meat and veg' areas... cows on one side of the road and corn on the other. Then there are the soybean fields. Tofu on one side, and steak on the other? I told you it was a ramble.
And while we're at it, at the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.... could we do something about drawing around the states and labeling them? It would be easier to figure out where you are as you fly over. Let's face it, 'they' have pretty much taken most of the fun out of flying, it could at least be informative!


Scott said...

and label the capitals, too!

Jane and John Weichert said...

I like the idea of labeling the crops. Although we spend a great deal of time discussing what some crops are. What would we talk about then?

Dan said...

Down I5 in Oregon there was a section where they labeled the crops. I liked that too.

When we came through the valley in May, there did not seem to be much growing, sounds like a lot more to look at now.