Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spud Run: Day 3

Spud Run, Day 3: A short 100 miles or so from Missoula to the Summit of Lolo Pass just across the Idaho border. US-12 from Missoula to the summit is an entertaining road and the morning air was brisk and very refreshing. We retuned to town in time for lunch and a visit to the local Harley Shop before the relaxing begins, but you will never know it from the pictures posted here.. Two of our group have relatives here so they will take time this afternoon to visit with them and the rest of us have a halve day off. Some pool, steam bath and laundry have consumed the afternoon.


Dan said...

How bad are the bugs? Doesn't look like a lot of bug splatter yet.

Scott said...
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Paige and Dave said...

Rob's bike has no bugs, as he cleans his bike every morning and the rest of us have our fair share. I'll attemp to get picture of my fairing one of these days. It looks very Jackson Pollock right now.