Monday, October 12, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow

My friend Jane(who I will be happy to see) wrote a post about the bittersweet parting. Leaving family and friends in one place and going to meet friends and family you haven't seen for a while in another. We're about to do just that. As much as I will enjoy seeing my 'winter friends' in the park in Arizona, I am always sad to part from my kids and my girlfriends. We have squeezed just about as much into the last 4 days as two 'old' folks can. We've witnessed another leg of Katie's success as a graduate from the apprenticeship program, celebrated Tim's birthday and finally met Steve (of Steve and Irish fame). Irish baked a killer pumpkin cheesecake and made me a beautiful Halloween bracelet with beads she swiped from Tory's stash...thanks to both of them for the new 'pretty' I will think of both of them everytime I wear it. Sunday we partied with the Perry family... good food, fun people! Ethan spent the night with us and the weenerdogs got a chance to visit with him too.

Today we are beginning the pack up. Grocery shopping for the trip south, a little 'ahead of time ' cooking... putting away stuff that's been out all summer that we won't need for the trip. Tonite we'll have Tony's pizza one last time with the kids and Grandma and Grandpa. They will miss us, we will miss them. So much fun, so little time.

Thanks to friends and family here in Kitsap County who went out of their way to organize their schedules around ours so we could get together. The people we missed seeing due to circumstances beyond our control, hope we see you next time. And thanks to our hosts who have allowed us to camp in their spare yard.


Jane and John Weichert said...

You express it so well. Can't wait to see you but unfortunately without the Polar tonic.

Tory said...

We'll miss you but at the same time technology makes it seem like you're still very close. Travel safe and thanks for not posting that other picture!!!
L. tory