Monday, October 19, 2009

Weener Wramble (the good, the not so good, and hopefully not the whiney)

We are safely tucked away for the winter in spot #150. The first full day here, I did laundry (the fun that never ends) and it mostly consisted of all of my long sleeve t-shirts, a sweat shirt or two and socks. Lots of socks. Now we are dressing in sleeveless t-shirts and shorts, have the A/C on most of the day and sometimes all night too. Our towels dry after a shower in about 20 minutes just hanging in the bathroom. In Washington, we rotate them on the little space heater for much of the day to get them dry for the next go round. No more water out of the tap.... AZ water is not for the faint of heart and is a sure way to ruin a good pot of coffee. We don't get the really cold water when we do turn on the faucet. You know how in the fall and winter when you run the water for a few minutes and it's icy cold? You can almost bathe in the water that comes out of the cold tap here. But it is now warm enough for iced tea... yum, with water from the reverse osmosis machine at the front of the park. My friend Tory introduced me to a really refreshing blend this summer... of course I'll have to send away for more when I run out. My friend Tory introduced me to many fun things this summer!
It's nearly the end of October and as I sit here in shorts with the A/C humming, I think "it's just about time for fruitcake" and then I think " I wonder if I will have to crank up the A/C while I have the oven on baking said fruitcake?"
I went out the door of the coach Saturday morning and found a roadrunner standing in the shade in of the doorway of the shed... they're supposed to be good luck- I think the small critters who used to live around here would beg to differ!
I'm missing family and friends up north but enjoying the catching up with friends I haven't seen since last spring.