Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pivot Rock and (not) The Big Biscuit

We are suckers for roadside attractions. The Biggest Bottle of Ketchup, Meteor Crater.... The World's Biggest Biscuit.... we will go see just about anything. So the sign for Pivot Rock was like a red flag to a bull. I couldn't not go. I ended up following the road for what seemed like more than the 2 1/2 miles and came upon the gift shop and ticket 'booth' just about the time I was ready to turn around. I was the only one there who wasn't an employee. It was a weekday but still kind of creepy. The walk to the rock turned out to be a pretty one down a winding path and there were dogwoods in bloom and a rushing creek. Now I can say I've been. I have more pictures but haven't figured out how to put them in the blog the way I want to . The Big Biscuit will have to wait.
Tomorrow morning we will begin the final leg of the trip to Maryland. Four days of one night stops after 300+ miles each day. We don't know for sure if we will have internet until we get the power plug in and the computer turned on.

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