Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pima Air & Space Museum (Tuscon, AZ)

Visited the museum with a few of our motorcycle friends and took a handful of pictures. The museum includes planes and rockets spanning the history of flight. Most of the collection is war birds from WWII to the present, including Russian, British, and a few others. The first photo is of a Super Connie, the second the sad remains of a Catalina flying-boat, third another B-17, and the last is a USN C-1, similar to one I rode in in 1972 from the P.I. to Da Nang, South Vietnam and on to the USS Enterprise.


Dan said...

Is the B-17 flyable?

Paige and Dave said...

Dan, this one is not, to my knowledge, but the one at Falcon Field in Mesa is.