Sunday, February 15, 2009

Books Books and More Books

This morning I rode over to the Phoenix State Fairgrounds with another woman from the park. This was the second day of the huge annual booksale. I went mostly to look, although I am all in favor of used books. We were there maybe two hours and I bought.... nothing. There were lots of books and lots of people buying lots of books (as in shopping carts FULL of books) but nothing cried 'take me with you' so I got out unscathed. I'm sure there were way more people buying way more books on Saturday. Jane has tried going on Saturday before and says there is a line to get INTO the parking lot as well as into the huge building where the books are. Oh, and if you want a shopping cart to fill with books..... you have to take a number (picture #3) and the nice man will call your number when he has a cart available.
The booksale is for the benefit of local non-profit organizations and is staffed by mostly (I think) volunteers who, as usual with volunteers, are some of the most patient people on earth.
We stopped at a place called 'My Florist' for lunch. Jane had been here before and I would be happy to go back. The building did used to be a flower shop at one time, hence the name.

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