Friday, May 30, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Pennsylvania

I really like Pennsylvania. I can't imagine how,if the pioneers were here in the spring time, they managed to leave for the unknown west. We are here for about a week on our way to Canada (more on that in a different entry). The difference between here near Elizabethtown (not far from 3 Mile Island) and the 'island' on the river of hiway noise in Maryland is drastic. It was so quiet when we first arrived we weren't sure we'd be able to sleep. There are bullfrogs in the pond here in the park and they are in fine voice this time of year. If only the fireflies would come out, it would be heaven! I went out yesterday in search of dog food, books and maybe fiber. I sort of knew the general direction... and before long, because I was so taken with the sights of the countryside, I was sort of lost. Since I had less than a quarter of a tank of gas, I decided to get 'found' and booted up the gps on the cell phone. Let me take a minute to say, we pay far too much for phone service every month but on occasion, it earns it's keep! At any rate, before long I was in front of Petsmart with Barnes and Noble just across the parking lot. Then I went off in search of fiber. I'd read on ravelry ( fiber fiends gathering in cyberspace) about a shop called Labadie Looms in Lancaster County. I found it without too much trouble. It's a nice shop with looms and wheels and yarn and fiber and a very nice young woman named Beverly. We talked fiber for awhile and then gave me directions to a nearby Costco with a gas station. $3.80/gal. sigh. I still don't regret my little impromptu sightseeing trip! Dave went to York to the Harley Davidson Factory to take the tour. He went the last time we were here only to find they were closed down for re-tooling. While he was out, he found donuts!!! He says the smell nearly knocked him off the bike and he came home with these and they were HOT!!

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Scott said...

I want doughnuts! They aren't a big deal around here.