Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to the mall

Finally, after several days of poor weather, today broke bright and clear. We rode public transit into the heart of the city to visit the World War II Memorial. Last time we were here it had not been started. It is, in my estimation, an excellent installation, being located between the Washington Memorial and the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial is significant. That said, I was a little disappointed with the visit and the Memorial. As for the visit, the crowd was not as respectful to the significance of the Memorial, much like my last visit to the Vietnam Memorial several years ago. The Memorial seems to just not be enough; even the 4000 bronze stars used to honor the 400,000 who lost their lives during the conflict seems to understate the sacrifice. As a nation we owe this generation everything and I regret that we haven't given them more.

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Scott said...

The erection of this monument was way overdue and those honored are underappreciated. I hope the disrespect you noted was the result of being overwhelmed by the experience of visiting all of the memorials in the mall.