Monday, May 5, 2008

Five Boro

My son invited me to join him in a bicycle ride/tour in New York (Five Boro Bike Tour) some months ago and I agreed. The day came yesterday (May 4, 2008). His wife and several members of their family from New York also chose to ride the tour. In addition to family two young couples that are friends of our kids came along as well. All together there were 11 in our group. From Maryland seven of us drove to Long Island the day before and spent the night with our daughter-in-law’s parents. They were as always wonderful hosts. Early in the morning we all headed to Staten Is. were we boarded the ferry for Manhattan where the route begins. All in all it was a long day with several areas along the route, which were so congested that required walking the bikes sometimes for a miles or more. This web site shows the route and describes many of the highlights: There were several section of the route, which were so congested that walking was required and some of these lasted more than a mile/hour. It seems the organizers may have over sold the event. But it all worked out and we all finished the 42 plus miles and were all very tired. It is one of those things that I won’t do again and many times during the event I questioned, “What was I thinking” but after the fact it will be remembered as a good time.


Scott said...

That's a mess of people there. Where is your bald head?

Anonymous said...

We all had to where helmets, sorry!

Katie said...

Ah... I found you guys! I can't believe my parents have a blog page... How funny! Love you guys! ♥