Friday, May 9, 2008

Catching up

It's been a little more than a week since we arrived in Maryland. It seems like I hit the ground running and am only just getting a chance to catch my breath. My friend Tory from Silverdale came out on Thursday so we could go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival together. We are both new to spinning, but old hands at shopping. We warmed up with a trip to Woolwinders, a yarn shop in near by Rockville, Maryland. The next morning we were on the road early. I had heard horror stories of the road (Interstate 70) being backed up for as much as 45 minutes and didn't want to waste valuable shopping time sitting in traffic! We made good time, got a pretty good parking spot and were on the ground and ready to shop by about 8:30. It was nice at that time of day. The weather wasn't clear and sunny, but it wasn't raining like the forecasters had said it might be. We started at the big barn (farthest from the entrance) and worked our way back towards the front entrance. We shopped, ate fair food, and shopped some more. We didn't go crazy but we got our fair share. We left in the early afternoon and made a plan to come back on Sunday. I managed to slip on the steps in the motor home and tweaked the same knee I had trouble with all winter. Our day Sunday was cut short but still a good time. My knee has recovered (in spite of me) and we were able to do most of the sightseeing we had talked about. More on that later.
(I just lost half of this post.)
We had to move to the back of the RV park we are staying in due to the fact that we are staying longer than we had planned. The internet back here is not as good as closer to the office. The weather is rainy and gray. I don't know if that affects the connection but it is really frustrating.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you sent the link to your blog! Very cool...
Am flying to Mom's in Henderson tomorrow--meeting Robie and Doug there to celebrate Mother's Day and Robie's B'Day early. We'll be thinking of you.
I'm sorry I missed sending you an email on your B'Day, David, but hope it was a good one.
Thanks for sharing this with us, and carry on! Love, Chris