Sunday, May 25, 2008

ROLLING THUNDER, rolling thunder

It is all it is cracked up to be. And the sound. As the bikes started up across the parking lot it truly sounded like a distant thunder without end. Located near the last rows on the first parking lot it took over an hour for our turn to step-off. For that hour the thunder creeps closer, then we are off. The parade, a short one from the Pentagon across the Arlington Memorial Bridge and north to Constitution Ave then east to Third St. in front of the Capital Building, then west on Independence Ave and back across the Arlington Memorial Bridge. Among all the spectators were young persons in full dress uniforms stand at attention and rendering a hand salute for what must have been 2-1/2 to 3 hours as the procession passed. A few pictures will have to tell the rest of the story. (Clicking on any of the pictures will show an enlarged version, use the Back button on the browser to return to the bog.)
PS The back story on the day is I left for a local Harley shop in Laurel, MD at 6:AM to join in an police escorted ride of 300+ to the Pentagon which departed at 8:AM and arrived about 9:AM. The procession scheduled to stepped-off at noon. Paige drove to the Metro later in the morning and rode to Reagen National Airport where she took a taxi to the Pentagon parking lot getting out of the cab on the shoulder of Route 110, climbing over the wall into the parking lot; arriving about an hour before we stepped-off. All total it has been reported that there were 400,000 motorcyclist riding in this years demonstration.

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Scott said...

Thanks for the pictures and report. I'm glad the weather co-operated.