Wednesday, June 11, 2008

880 Steps?

We've been in the Watkins Glen/Corning, New York area for the past 3 days. Lots to see around here but we tried to hit the highlights.
Yesterday we went to the Corning Museum of Glass (attached to where they make... Corning Ware!) While we were touring the museum part a woman near us started talking about the 'Tornado Warning' for the area in effect until 7pm. Huh? We hadn't heard anything about any tornados when we left the dogs in the motorhome 15 miles away..... we finished the museum rather quickly (there is enough to see to take at least a couple of hours) and went to keep an appointment to make blown glass Christmas tree ornaments. Lucky for us, the good folks at Corning have made this idiot proof. They have very capable staff to do the part that can't be learned in 10 minutes and you get to blow on the pipe as directed. It's probably about as close as I will ever get to blowing glass so I thought it was great.
This morning we geared up (comfortable shoes, water, bug spray) and headed for Watkins Glen State Park. It is built around a series of 19 waterfalls that work their way down the gorge. Lots of stairs. They warn you about them before you start out. I didn't think about that when I thought it would be fun to go and see. Some of you know that I spent most of the winter with my knee up, swollen about the size of my head. It finally sorted itself out about April, but 800+ stairs might be a little ambitious. Still, how could I be so close and not try? It took longer than it might have but we made it. It was beautiful and worth every step!
Tomorrow we move on to Canada. But, one more thing.....THE FIREFLIES ARE OUT!!!!!
I wish I could take pictures of them, they are magic.


Scott said...

Have fun, eh? Glad your knee held up. Who is the guy in the silly hat?

Paul Fletcher said...

Hi Guys,

Glad you enjoyed yourselves here in Corning. Just a note - the factory attached to the Museum of Glass is actually Steuben Glass.

They are World famous and many Presidential gifts for foreign dignitaries are made here.

Come back and see us again soon