Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday 13, 2008 Port Dover ON, CA

We finally made it! After 10 years of reading about this unique little rally, we are in the right place at the right time. Beginning in 1981 when a small group of friends met in Port Dover on a Friday the 13th and vowed to meet every Friday 13th there after, a spontaneous word of mouth bike rally has grown into full fledged event. 2008 brings more than 10,000 bikes and over 150,000 people to the town for a one day gathering. Local news reported that the area economy gets roughly 5 million dollars from their guests. And let me say that the whole town seems to welcome the crowd. Port Dover is located on the shores of Lake Erie and for much of the year it is a lakeside resort destination, not unlike Laconia NH, which also hosts a motorcycle rally in a lakeside resort town. The big difference is the Friday 13th rally goes on every Friday 13th regardless the season and yes, the winter events are much smaller than warm summer days, it is a tradition and somebody shows up every Friday 13th.


Scott said...

Looks like an Oyster Run.

gemini said...

Looks like you're having a great time. I'll be thinking of you while I'm buying wool and more wool at the Black Sheep Gathering this weekend! xoxox