Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Weekend in the Poconos

My brother Steve and his family live in New Jersey. Unless you are near the shore or out in the outlaying areas, campgrounds are hard to come by. Last time we were close to them, we had our old coach and parked it in the yard next to their garage. The new coach won't fit so, if we wanted to visit with them, we had to have a different plan. They have a condo near a ski area in the Poconos and we found a campground nearby.. it was a plan! After we had made all of the arrangements, we found out it was a NASCAR weekend! We heard horror stories of snarled traffic and lots of crazy fan type folks taking over the area. We managed to avoid most of that...except for the party-ers camped next to us who came early, hung out the 'Bud Lite' flags and set out 7 coolers for 6 guys. Even that wasn't too bad. In the end, it was a nice weekend. Dave and Steve went for a motorcycle ride. Char and I went to the outlet mall for a couple of hours. Then there was some eating and drinking. We had brunch this morning for more eating and drinking. No crowds. No traffic. No loud car noises. All good.

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Scott said...

You mean you didn't go to the track and join in the fun?