Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grumpy old lady

That would be me. Not really grumpy, just not in the spirit of summer family camping. And it's selfish of me, I know. We used to take our kids camping. We rode bikes, blew bubbles, played frisbee. And there were 'blender sports' as well for the bigger kids. I try to keep that in mind this time of year.
Campgrounds in the summer time are a different place than they are in the off season. (duh) There are waaaaay more people. Lots of kids on bikes, trikes, scooters. I could swear I heard a Big Wheel out there earlier. There are campfires, sometimes most of the day and into the night. This close to the 4th of July there are fireworks here and there. 90% of these folks only have 3, maybe 4 days to get all of their fun in before they have to go home. Sunday afternoon if we are lucky, peace and quiet will reign again. I'm a little worried this weekend, it being so close to the 4th. They may not leave.
I don't know if camprounds in the west have people who bring their rigs out at the beginning of summer and leave them for the season or not. I don't remember being aware of it. It is pretty common here in the east. Folks park the 5th wheel or whatever, and just come out from the city on the weekends. Like a summer home sort of. Some campgrounds are nearly full of these (of course, they are paying by the month) so we have to plan ahead to get a spot.
I guess I am just a little grumpy because we have kind of a crappy spot in this particular park. The spaces are narrow to begin with. Our spot has two small trees that make it impossible to put the awning over the front driver's side window out (and since it's in the 90's it would be nice to have it out) and the big awning only goes out - sort of. No place to put chairs out or put up the bbq. wah wah wah. But we are paying big $$$ for this spot because it's less than an hour from DC so it kind of grinds on me. Ok, I feel better, thanks.


Scott said...

Poor Dave - he has to listen to this a lot more than we do! Can I buy you some to go with that cheese? I am at the Carmela winery and RV park.

Scott said...

That was supposed to say "can I buy you some wine".

Paige and Dave said...

Maybe you've been there too long! At the whinery.... and, who do you think taught me?

Anonymous said...

glad to see I am not alone!!!
Lets have a grumpy party, how about in Sept. Oh now won't be grumpy then. Good to hear your not all peaches and cream. Linda