Friday, June 20, 2008

Roadside Attractions

I finally managed to find a place to get my hair cut a couple days ago in Windsor, Ontario. The young woman doing the cutting (and a nice job she did) asked if we ever went to see things like the world's biggest ball of string... I said yeah, we do. We have been to see the world's largest Ketchup bottle (a water tower in Illinois, and then there was the Biscuit bigger than your head in Arkansas. I was out driving toward the land of Longaberger baskets yesterday and of course, drove past this:

We had seen it before when we were here in 2005. It's pretty impressive.

Now we come to the other reason for returning to Buckeye Lake, Ohio. It is a beautiful campground. When we were here in the smaller motor home, we got to stay in the older part of the park just across from a very picturesque stream. This time, we are in the new part of the campground which is not finished and not very pretty -yet. The real reason we came, is gravy. That's right, gravy. On a whim I bought two cans of Patterson's Homestyle Sausage Gravy. They were small cans, enough for about 2 split biscuits. Suprise, suprise, it was really good. We hoarded the second can. We talked about it and told people when the subject of biscuits and gravy came up.... Old retired people like to go out to breakfast, biscuits and gravy are a favorite of mine. A n y w a y......we came back to the source and they still had it! I resisted the urge to buy out the store. I got enough to give to gravy fans back in Arizona and a couple of cans to hoard til we return to Ohio..

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Scott said...

I look forward to tasting said gravy. Maybe we should have saved a big biscuit. I've found nothing memorable here in the way of food.