Saturday, August 23, 2008

Silver Springs Campsites, Rio, WI

Silver Springs Campsite near Rio WI is unique in our Rving experience. First the staff could not be nicer or more helpful. The sites and I use the term loosely are arranged around the placement of the power outlets/water connections all placed in grassy settings. There are paved internal roads but no defined site driveways or site boundaries. In some cases there are four sites clustered around a common power/water station. We reserved a place but upon our arrival it was plain they were not expecting our setup, being nearly 65 ft. long all up. We arrived with our waste tanks nearly full as the previous park did not have full hook ups and we forgot that this park also did not have full hook ups. After checking in we circled the park to get back to the dump station and circled the park again to reach our newly assigned site. On our way here (Saturday midday) we saw no signs of camping activity but upon turning into the park found a near county fair atmosphere with hundreds of people camping, swimming, recreating, etc. We must be something of an oddity in these parts as I have fielded numerous questions from passers-bye about various aspects of our rig, set-up and lifestyle. The staff assured me once I was parked that when we leave on Monday there will be no problem because nearly everyone else will have left by Sunday evening so we’ll have all the room we need to pull off the site. We are settled in for two days before we head into Milwaukee for two days.

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Dan said...

I did read about your "5Bourough" ride. That sounds neat, except where you mentioned how so many were there that you had to walk. So Staten Island is one of the boroughs? And you rode across the Verrazano Narrows bridge? I would like that.