Monday, August 25, 2008

WI State Fairgrounds RV Park

First note the RV Park's web page has no pictures; and it is fair to say it is clean but compared to the previous park which was a happy accident this one will do for a couple of days, but just. There are several large gravel lots they are also renting out to RVers but we got into the primary (high rent) portion of the park with all the amenities including 100% pavment. Just south of the park on the actual fairgrounds there is a motor raceway and this afternoon there has been a race car testing on the track, kind of like trains in the distance only not so much. My primary purpose for being here (Paige is humoring me) is to visit the New Harley-Davidson Museum tomorrow and as it happens this coming weekend HD is hosting it's 105th anniversary party. So we have to be out and down the road Wednesday morning to make room for the party goers who booked this site way before we did. The area is teeming with motorcycle enthusiasts already; come the weekend it will be crazy.

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Scott said...

It's a government facility - you should have seen it coming. Glad you having fun and get to see the HD museum.