Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We saw them all!

We didn't do it on purpose but we managed to see all 5 Great Lakes this summer! Not such a big deal I guess but I still think it's kind of cool. We decided since we were headed north in Michigan to go to the Michigan Fiber Festival, we should check out the UP. That's Upper Peninsula to us 'southerners' (?) Then we decided we should of course cross the Mackinac Bridge. The Bridge itself was kind of underwhelming (sorry) - we thought it would be higher and somehow I thought it would be scarier.... they have a rescue squad for people who get part way across then freak out and can't drive themselves! The Astoria Bridge across the Columbia is certainly comparable. However, the Mackinac Bridge crosses two of the Great Lakes. We had seen Lake Ontario from the Canadian side when we went to the Friday the 13th event and Lake Erie on our way west out of Pennsylvania. In our campground just north of the bridge we were about 50 miles away from Lake Superior.... how could we pass this up? So this morning we loaded the dogs into the car (there needs to be a rescue squad for that!!) and off we went. We saw the lake, we saw some waterfalls and a lighthouse.

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